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Five steps to agile marketing

Five steps to agile marketing

Posted by Juha Hurstinen on Nov 28, 2019 3:15:00 PM


The current trend that has swept the global business community is a style of marketing that tackles targeted objectives with a certain guerrilla gusto. This tactical marketing approach has a fast reaction time to changes that happen in the market, prevents narrow-mindedness, and connects departments and through campaigns and projects that strengthen marketing efforts. So, what is this mysterious trendy moneymaking method called? Agile marketing.

There are key principles to agile marketing that should be adhered to in order to fully understand its success and utilize it for profitable gains. The methodology, the moral, and the drive for success.


Teams consist of like-minded individuals whom align with leadership qualities, morale durability, and devotion. They are all met with the same expectations and KPIs are understood for each project. The beginning of the guerrilla mindset.


By utilizing analytics systems to identify opportunities, these agile teams generate experiments with the sole aim to refine their goals with the collected data.


With the collected quantitative data – hypotheses, drafts, and designs are made which would be shared with all interested parties who are involved. This would include stakeholders, CMO, and other executives who are part of the project. This checkpoint includes different departments with the need for input, fresh eyes, and executive decisions if required. This builds trust and transparency between everyone involved and is a great way build honest rapport directly with customers.

Scaling Intelligently

The team would analyze what would be the next best test to run by scale frameworks. The beauty of agile teams is that accountability is diffused evenly, and pressure is eased off their project to an extent, despite the intense devotion effort every team commits.

Test, Analyse, & Repeat

There are a plethora of AI solutions that will run tests for analysis. The team will then collect the data, adjust, and then repeat the cycle for optimization. With optimal support, successful products or projects would be scaled across the organization.

Much like the 7 steps of decision making, the steps of agile marketing are very similar, if not, a parallel version with acute fixtures that cause its uniqueness. There is continuous change, which is important when we have globalization making the world smaller and communication more instantaneous. Many agile teams working on projects breeds adaptability that would be beneficial for a company targeting market growth. Furthermore, the success that is run behind agile teams are the collaborators with the teams – the executives and stakeholders. They set the tone of what the project should entail and the angle of which they are heading.

In all, star companies and start-ups would really benefit from the methodologies of agile marketing and the tactics that they hold as it would be a cost effective method to conceive ideas and branch them out towards customers while at the same time, reducing risks of budgeting and having the company show a proactive culture as a set community.



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