Optimizing retailer campaigns and promotions
Maximize your promo performance
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Our product

Campaign and promotion management software for retailers

Analyze campaign performance

Analyze campaign performance

Understand performance of historical campaigns, including uplift, cannibalization, traffic impact, vendor support etc, which allows you to stop margin destroying activities.

Innovate new promotional offers

Innovate new promotional offers

Optimize promotional offer based on our recommendations on selection of SKU, mechanic, discount, price point and feature

Manage promotion process

Manage promotion process

Scrap old legacy excels and chaotic email chains in managing the promotion process

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Employ state-of-the art technologies and methods to optimize your promotions

Big data analytics

Big data analytics

Determine true sales, margin and traffic impact of each promotion

Machine learning engine

Machine learning engine

Obtain clear promotional insights from our advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms

Easy-to-use SaaS

Easy-to-use SaaS

Give personalized recommendations to all promotion process stakeholders when and where they need it (merchandizing, marketing, management, ..)


Focus on the essential, and improve your bottom-line

10x return on investment

10x return on investment

Value-based pricing – we deliver 10x recurring profit impact relative to our license fee

Less than a quarter payback time

< 1 quarter payback time

Quick impact – payback achieved during first months of software implementation

Zero risk

Zero risk

We put our skin in the game – you pay only based on the impact we deliver

"I saw the concrete bottom-line impact of the approach when heading Marketing at Suomen Lähikauppa, and can attest to the robustness of the methodology.

Now that the guys have packaged their experience into an easy-to-use software bundle and introduced more advanced models, I am sure that they will turn any retailer’s data graveyard into a treasure trove.

That’s why I decided to support the team from the very beginning."

Jonas Stjernberg - former VP, Marketing and Development at Suomen Lähikauppa


We combine world-leading promotion management experience with cutting-edge data science and software development skills

Photo of Juha Nuutinen

Juha Nuutinen

CEO, Co-Founder

Former top tier management consultant with globally leading promo expertise

Photo of Mikko Ervasti

Dr. Mikko Ervasti

Chief Science Officer, Co-Founder

Data scientist with complex mathematical modelling expertise

Photo of Teppo Luukkonen

Teppo Luukkonen

CTO, Co-Founder

Versatile expert in business modelling

Photo of Jonas Stjernberg

Jonas Stjernberg

Senior Advisor

Seasoned retail executive and strategy professional

Photo of Olli-Pekka Mattila

Olli-Pekka Mattila


Business development and financial expert

Photo of Petteri Räty

Petteri Räty


System architect and SaaS expert with a broad entrepreneurial background

Photo of Ville Vierimaa

Ville Vierimaa

Data Scientist

Physicist with savvy data science expertise

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