Power up your marketing investments

Continuously updated & comparable ROMI metrics from all of your marketing activities under one platform

  • Get ROMI for every campaign & media channel

  • Optimal budget split for given investment level or sales target

  • Cookieless solution for online marketing measurement

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Measure marketing effectiveness

With Sellforte's AI-powered marketing mix modelling, our customers can measure the profitability of their marketing investments across different channels, campaigns, and brands with comparable ROI metrics, find the optimal marketing investment levels to support growth, simulate different investment scenarios, and get continuous recommendations on how to maximize sales through marketing.

Sellforte’s proprietary data science, AI, and a team of highly experienced data scientists and former media agency experts help customers continously optimize their marketing, campaigns, and promotions.

core benefits

Campaign effectiveness

Compare campaign-specific uplifts and ROIs. View results on daily/weekly/monthly level.

Promotion effectiveness

Analyze both marketing and promotions. Find your star promotions and fine-tune your campaigns.

Continuous updates

Get continuous updates. Slice and dice marketing and promotion effectiveness 24/7 with your team.​

Get actionable insights

Simulate future campaigns' business outcomes with our powerful scenario planning tool.
The first Case Study of 2022


"It really creates impact. Over the last few weeks we have reworked our entire marketing budget for next year using the Sellforte insights."

- Maik Kleinschmidt, Director Marketing Europe at C&A

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AI-powered Marketing Mix Modeling platform

Measure online & offline Marketing ROI

Find the most effective media channels within different media groups.

Don't miss any pieces of your marketing machine

Compare all your marketing investments with ease

Combine marketing and promotions

Compare how much of the campaign-driven sales is generated due to promotion vs. media visibility.

Take the effect of promotions into account

Get the most reliable results

Test and learn continuously

Learn continuously and get recommendations for improvement

Get automated data updates for minimum effort and maximal impact

Plan campaigns with Media Optimizer

We give you the ability to plan and predict future campaigns' success with your media optimizer and scenario planning tools.

Let the tool guide you in campaign planning

See forecasted results in sales and margin

See how it works in a little over a minute

Role-specific Use Cases

From marketing to analytics and category management, Sellforte helps executives to make the right business decisions.

For Marketing Directors
For Analytics Directors
For Category Managers

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