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Continuously demonstrating the value of your work can be painful and time-consuming.
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We provide advanced Marketing Mix Modeling as a continuous service.

We’re the key to better insight and, in turn, better marketing decisions in the future.
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Why choose Sellforte

“We have been able to generate incremental sales and margin based on the insights. The tool is widely used not only in marketing, but e.g. in finance too.
For us Sellforte’s tool is not a nice-to-have but a must-to-have.”
Satu Tuikkanen, Marketing Manager @ Stockmann
“Monthly Sellforte meetings are a great opportunity for our different functions to sit down at the same table and concentrate on discussing current topics.”
Johanna Kuosmanen, Digital & Customer Experience Director, Kotipizza
"Sellforte team has given us very good and comprehensive support starting from onboarding all the way to continuous updates. It has been easy to work with Sellforte and we can rely on getting answers to our questions."
Rainer Lindqvist, Marketing Director, Kotipizza
“The collaboration with Sellforte has been systematic, easy, punctual and rewarding. Sellforte’s SaaS tool and user interface is very user friendly and contribute strongly to the client planning and learning from results."
Tomi Keskinen, Director, Customer Experience Business @ ToinenPHD


Understand the incremental sales and true profit margin driven by your marketing activities on a day-to-day, product, store or media level


Collaborate with a fully transparent partner that has the same business goal as you: to maximize your company’s bottom-line growth


Make better decisions with always up-to-date data and move from reactive to proactive marketing management

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Industries we work with

Tailored modeling service for each customer, because each industry has its unique needs

Sellforte® for Speciality Retail

Achieve and retain strong top-of-mind by smart media investment management

Sellforte® for Grocery Retail

Discover your best traffic-driving & basket-building promotions with Sellforte® for Grocery

Sellforte® for FMCG

Find the perfect balance between trade marketing & media investments

Sellforte® for Restaurant Chains

See how marketing campaigns drive traffic to locations in different regions, at different times

Sellforte® for Telecommunications

Analyze how effectively media and discounts drive sales and margin in different sales channels

Sellforte® for Finance & Insurance

Understand the customer acquisition cost and cross-sales effect in each product group

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