Supercharge your marketing investments

Measure and improve your marketing continuously with a data science - based SaaS. Bring the results of your marketing activities under one tool and see what really is working and what's not.

“I can recommend Sellforte for any marketer or marketing executive who wants to improve their advertising.”

Sami Särkelä - Digital and Marketing Director at Gigantti

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All of your marketing activities in one platform

Sellforte is a home for previously scattered internal and external marketing data. Analyze your past campaigns' performance and simulate future campaigns' business outcomes with a single tool.

With Sellforte, you'll have Marketing Mix Modeling and Promotion Effectiveness combined in one software.

We take into account online & offline Marketing ROI and promotions for the most reliable results. You will get not only the rear-mirror view, but also an ability to predict future campaign's success with a scenario planning tool.

Measure online & offline Marketing ROI

Measuring online ROMI is important, but it's not all. Take into account also offline media groups to gain full clarity.

Don't miss any pieces of your marketing machine

Compare all your marketing investments with ease

Combine marketing and promotions

Doing Marketing Mix Modeling in vacuum leaves the effect of promotions out from your results. That's why we've combined them into one tool.

Take the effect of promotions into account

Get the most reliable results

Grow and improve with continuous recommendations and updates

This is not an one-time project. We give you new learnings continuously, so you can work with up-to-date results.

Learn continuously and get recommendations for improvement

Get automated data updates for minimum effort and maximal impact

Plan campaigns with Media Optimizer

We give you the ability to plan and predict future campaigns' success with your media optimizer and scenario planning tools.

Let the tool guide you in campaign planning

See forecasted results in sales and margin

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