Thank you for attending Markkinointianalytiikan webinaari on 25.3.2020

This webinar aimed to give you an understanding of why it's so important to start measuring your Marketing ROI at least somehow today, so you can stop guessing and earn the trust of your boss and board members.

We gave also some tips on how to start planning your marketing and what to include in your ROMI Model.

Watch the replay (in finnish) below.

Key takeaways from the webinar

ROMI Modeling can give you an understanding of what kind of marketing brings the best results, reducing the noise when multiple marketing activities are done simultaneously. By this the data is a lot more accurate and trustworthy.
Don't hesitate to start with small measurements and improve when resources and know-how increases
When advertising, make sure you have your audience segments defined, do research of what kind of content they consume, choose your advertising channels and decide your budget based on data to calculate optimal spend
Even small, slight changes in correct places can give you significant impact

Watch the replay (in finnish)


- Paul Arpikari (Chief Commercial Officer @ Sellforte): Alkusanat - Markkinoinnin rooli taantuman aikana: 00:10
- Dr. Hannu Laine (Sr. Data Scientist @ Sellforte): Enemmän dataa, enemmän mahdollisuuksia: 11:20
- Jarmo Lipiäinen (Insight & Marketing Science Director @ ToinenPHD): Data ja luovuus: 45:05
- Case Stockmann: 01:16:23

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