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Telecommunications as a market is characterized as extremely competitive, price-sensitive and difficult to differentiate for brands. Tough competition for consumers’ top-of-mind and frequent product launches result this business area to be one of the biggest advertisers in almost every market.


As the device assortments and subscription services are very much alike, brand campaigns provide the means to differentiate the company from its competitors. Brand’s value for its customers is measured by long-term like-for-like growth.

Sales channels’ synergy

Telecommunications companies have one of the most diverse sales channel mix within the B2C-sector. Coherent channel management requires intuitive channel breakdown of daily sales performance and how marketing affects it.

Promotions & CLV

Understanding what is the comprehensive business impact of marketing the new iPhone or Samsung TV enables the marketing director to plan the content and channels based on customer lifetime value.

Top-of-mind. Due to relatively low cost of switching a service provider, consumers’ brand preferences are heavily correlated with the company’s like-for-like growth. The effectiveness branding-related marketing investments can be estimated by measuring the changes in base sales (excluding tactical activities) before and after each brand campaign. Sellforte’s comprehensive analyses combine sales data, marketing activities and external data sources from multiple years, revealing which marketing messages resonate with the consumers and how optimize investments into top-of-mind awareness. With Sellforte’s UI, managers can:


  • See what is the increase of base sales due to specific brand campaign
  • Track the long-term sales and margin impact for each media investment
  • Synchronize brand campaigns with tactical marketing activities, sales channels and seasonal changes

Sales channels’ synergy. Multiple sales channels from outbound calls to in-store customer service reps and mall stands to website form a complex entity manage and develop. Monitoring daily sales performance of each channel and understanding how different marketing activities affect them improves both the tactical and strategic cooperation between marketing and sales departments, providing advanced tools for campaign planning, targeting and employee training. Sellforte’s software provides granular breakdown of sales channels and helps to improve their performance through marketing:


  • Complete breakdown of different sales channels’ performance on daily level
  • Marketing activities’ attribution in each sales channel
  • Insights about which marketing messages and promotions perform well for specific areas and audiences

Promotions & CLV. When promotions’ short- and long-term impacts are measured from the receipt sales data, managers are able to understand the total effect when marketing a specific product. Especially in telecommunications, it is crucial for marketers to monitor and predict what kinds of customers each promotion attracts and evaluate their CLV based on past results. Combined with efficient sales channels, great promotions acquire new customers that convert into subscriptions and expand the used services with existing customers. Sellforte provides advanced promotion analytics that: 


  • Reveal each promotion’s conversion rate into subscriptions
  • Show each product’s traffic impact for physical and online stores when in promotion
  • Find out what are the best products to promote in each campaign

Concrete benefits for different roles in company

Marketing manager

  • See how much sales and margin each media investment drives (individual media ROI)
  • Understand how brand marketing impacts sales over time
  • Learn which messages perform the best in different channels

Commercial manager

  • See how media campaigns affect purchase size & value
  • Predict how much sales and margin upcoming media and campaign plans will deliver

Head of Analytics

  • Understand the correlation between marketing activities and short-term/long-term sales
  • Reveal the link between media items and media ROI

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