Continuous promotion effectiveness

The key to effective promotional ads? Knowledge. We give you a full and clear picture of which of your products work well when promoted. No more spray and pray.
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Discover the blueprint behind profitable promotions

What are the drivers behind your promotion efficiency?

Breaking down all of the impacts in the overall sales performance (e.g. cannibalization, stock-up, halo), the analysis presents valuable insights on why specific promotions perform so well compared to others
Discover all factors behind promotion effectiveness
Get a clear picture of what is and isn't working
Fill each ad with your most-loved products
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Know the true sale and margin uplift from your promotions

Wouldn’t it be great if you could simply press "start" on a promotion, watch the money roll in and be 100% sure that was where it is coming from?

Sadly, data is often much muddier than we might hope with other, unexpected, factors that may leave you scratching your head as to how effective your promotion really is.
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How Sellforte's analysis can help you make better decisions

Map out both the actual turnover and baseline trend to cut through the noise
Find out what has been the main driver of your success
Get to the truth of the incremental sale and margin uplift that your promotion has produced
Find out which promotions are bringing higher sales and margins
Our machine learning models are able to choose the optimal price points & mechanics for each promotion based on your receipt data.