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ROMI-modeling that includes all media channels

See how much margin each media investment creates on a daily basis

Key differences between regular and premium ROMI modeling

Regular ROMI modeling

✓ Granularity: Media type average sales ROI

✓ Measures: Clicks, likes, views, total traffic, average receipt value

✓ Format: Pptx.-report & legacy excels

✓ Data size: Small data (hundreds of rows)

✓ Timeliness: Post-campaign reports

✓ Access: Power users & top management

✓ Lead time: 4-8 weeks (at least)

Premium ROMI modeling

✓ Granularity: Media channel sales & margin ROI (*)

✓ Measures: Media channel sales & margin uplifts (daily level) (*)

✓ Format: Web-UI (+pptx.-report if required) (*)

✓ Data size: Big data (hundreds of millions of rows) (*)

✓ Timeliness: In-campaign progress updates, historical view (*)

✓ Access: All marketing staff (*)

✓ Lead time: Daily/weekly updates (*)

From media costs to media investments

To measure sales & margin uplifts, you need to analyse sales & margin data

Allocation Medias
Allocate the media budget based on media channels’ sales, margin & campaign ROI

Show top management the sales and margin value in past marketing activities and get bigger media budget

Business challenges we help to solve

Optimal media spend allocation

Optimal media spend allocation

Is your media spend allocated as effectively as possible?

By analyzing your receipt and media spend data, Sellforte’s software attributes sales and margin uplifts to each media, providing actionable insights on how to improve your media spend allocation

Most attractive items and messages in media

Most attractive items and messages in media

What are your best traffic-driving media items and messages?

By isolating media’s impact and the offer-effect, we can determine the role and performance for each product in your marketing campaigns to ensure that the best media items and messages are most visible.

Reaching your target customers

Reaching your target customers

How well does each channel reach your specific customer segments?

In case of customer loyalty programs, we’re able to connect different customer segments to individual marketing activities and find out the best media for your marketing strategy.

Geographically adjusted marketing mix

Geographically adjusted marketing mix

What is your best-performing marketing mix for each geographic area?

Customize your marketing mix for each strategic region based on localized media effectiveness, measured from your receipt and marketing data by Sellforte AI

Most effective seasons and weekdays

Most effective seasons and weekdays

What are the best seasons and weekdays to invest in media?

Our sales attribution model with seasonal and weekly trends and patterns will help you to time your media spend at the most profitable seasons and weekdays.


How to start measuring ROMI?


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