Sellforte Partnership program

For media-, and consulting agency partners

Provide premium customer experience and value for your customers with Sellforte

Collaborate for a bigger impact

Sellforte's strong proprietary technology, team of professionals and exceptional track record provide unique opportunity for media houses and agencies that seek to combine their expertize with Sellforte's tools
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Save time and money by using Sellforte's software for the most laborious & complex customer cases


Provide superior value for customers by combining industry expertise with world-class data science


Discover new and grow existing business relationships with continuous consulting
Sellforte Partnership Program

Media Agencies

Sellforte partnership program for media agencies provides customer-oriented institutions
The most granular Marketing Mix Modeling software from an independent provider
Up to media channel and sales channel level modelling
Continuous updates enables agile marketing communications

Benefits for media agency partners

More strategic co-operation with customer through visibility on business results
More business through consulting
Better media planning: optimal investment levels for each media group level
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Bronze Partner
Agency has their marketing data easily available for data updates (for example in AWS)
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Silver Partner
Agency has already done a cooperation with Sellforte and knows how to name data sets in terms of Campaign ID's, messages, product group names and product names
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gold Partner
Agency has been trained to talk about Sellforte and give first hand presentation about Sellforte's approach to ROMI measurement
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Sellforte Partnership Program

Consulting partners

Sellforte partnership program for consulting agencies streamlines the consultants' performance
Delivers the analysis in 4-8 weeks and updates results to Sellforte web-UI on weekly basis
Ensures far more agile, efficient and profitable consultation for both the agency and its clients
By outsourcing the laborious & mechanic data analysis the partnership program enables the consultants to handle more ongoing projects by utilising their expertise in highly valuable processes, like setting the metrics and business priors, interpreting the results, and implementing the findings in actual business decisions
The clients get more out of the relationship due to faster onboarding & more agile piloting capabilities
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agency Partner
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Benefits for consulting partners

More business through e.g. commissions & more consultation
More engaged customers -> improved customer retention & more strategic relationship

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