Continuous Marketing Mix Modelling

ROMI modelling that includes all offline and online media channels, with continuous updates
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Complete marketing insights tool for Marketing Directors

See how much profit each media investment delivers
Discover where your marketing investments are best spent
Identify all major drivers behind successful campaigns
Target your marketing to best time periods and areas
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Why to collaborate with Sellforte

To measure the incremental sales & margin uplifts for each media channel with decent accuracy, you need to analyse sales & margin data from at least past 2-3 years. This is often more than what human can do manually. That's why we've automated the modelling process!
How it works


Automated data cleaning and analytics
Onboarding to SaaS in only 8 weeks
Continuous updates delivered to a web-UI
Customisable UI to match client's unique needs
Sales forecasts based on marketing plans
Tracking of results with strong value proof