Optimise marketing effectiveness in the Post-Cookie world

Optimise marketing spend and understand multi-channel marketing performance with our AI-driven marketing effectiveness platform for European e-commerce, telecommunications, retailers and consumer brands

Always-on marketing mix modeling

  • Improve marketing ROI, new sales and margin. With Sellforte, customers typically achieve 20-30 % improvements in their marketing effectiveness already after the first year.

  • Optimise marketing spend: Measure, compare and optimise the profitability of marketing spend across online/offline media, channels, campaigns, and brands.

  • Get actionable insights: Simulate the impact of alternative marketing strategies to quickly see which will bring you the desired outcome. View results on daily/weekly/monthly level!

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“It really creates impact. Over the last few weeks we have reworked our entire marketing budget for next year using the Sellforte insights. We’re pretty sure that this will increase the effectiveness and the ROI of our investments compared to the original plan.”

Maik Kleinschmidt, Director Marketing Europe at C&A

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Boost marketing strategy with always-on data-driven insights

For Marketing Teams

Recognize marketing strategies that will drive sales and bring the best return on the marketing investment

For Category Managers

Use our promotion effectiveness solution to break down the impact of promotions to sales growth

For Insights Teams

Test and learn quickly! Drill down to the root cause of the success or failure of individual promotions

Sellforte FAQ

What challenges does Sellforte solve?

Sellforte is an AI-driven marketing and promotion optimisation platform for European telecommunications, e-commerce, retailers and consumer brands that links marketing investments transparently to sales growth. Sellforte's proprietary data science, AI and a team of highly experienced data scientists and former media agency experts help customers continuously optimize their promotions, marketing, and campaigns.

We have developed an AI-powered solution that automates majority of the calculations, providing world-class promotion effectiveness insights with a fraction of the cost of what the same would cost as a consulting project. As a continuously updated service through web-UI, it is available for our customers 24/7 already in 18 countries across Europe.

With Sellforte, customers typically achieve 20-30 % improvements in their marketing effectiveness already after the first year.

How much does it cost

Every industry, country and company has its unique characteristics. Our objective is to find out what is the best way Sellforte can help your company. Simply fill out the for above and we'll get back to you and schedule and exploration call.

How does the onboarding process look like

Based on the exploration call, we'll design a customized demo version of the software and go through it with you. After the demo session, you get your very own login credentials to the demo. If Your business needs are aligned with our offering, we can test with a data sample in how good shape your current sales and marketing datasets are.

Client's data can be reviewed during discussions by Sellforte Data Scientist after a NDA is signed. Our cooperation starts with onboarding, in which assigned Customer Success manager and Data Scientist help you in setting things up and getting the most out of the software.