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From marketing to analytics and category management, Sellforte helps executives to make the right business decisions.

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Marketing Directors

Marketing management is like leading an orchestra –the bigger the band, the harder it is to make sure each instrument plays perfectly.

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Marketing analytics / Data Science

Big data analytics and data science fuel the growth in modern companies –but only if the experts’ time is utilized in the right tasks.

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Category managers

Category management requires recognizing all of the factors that affect sales –including cannibalization, stockup & basket halo.

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Continuous Marketing Mix Modeling

Maximize the total profitability of different marketing investments - online and offline
Have 24/7 access in the Sellforte Web UI for as many users as necessary
Get continuously updated, reliable, actionable insights and recommendations

Make data-driven decisions

Discover where your marketing investments are best spent

Learn and grow through the insights

Identify all major drivers behind successful campaigns

Invest in where best results are

Target your marketing to best time periods and areas

Continuous Promotion Effectiveness

Get to the truth of the incremental sales and margin uplift that your promotion has produced
Map out both the actual turnover and baseline trend to cut through the noise
Find out which promotions are bringing higher sales and margins

Make data-driven decisions

Find out what has been the main driver of your success

Learn and grow through the insights

Gain valuable insights on why specific promotions perform so well compared to others

Invest in where best results are

Choose the optimal price points & mechanics for each promotion based on your receipt data

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