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“I can recommend Sellforte for any marketer or marketing executive who wants to improve their advertising.”

Sami Särkelä - Digital and Marketing Director at Gigantti

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Supercharge your marketing investments

With Sellforte, you get customized, automated recommendations on how to grow your business. Move from one-time projects to continuous modeling and simulate future campaigns' business outcomes with our powerful scenario planning tool

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Measure online & offline Marketing ROI

Measuring online ROMI is important, but it's not all. Take into account also offline media groups for more holistic view.


Get continuous results and updates

This is not an one-time project. We give you new learnings continuously, so you can improve your work in the spot.


Combine marketing and promotions

Doing Marketing Mix Modeling in vacuum leaves out the effect of promotions from your results. That's why we've combined them into one tool.


Plan campaigns with Media Optimizer

We give you the ability to plan and predict future campaigns' success with your media optimizer and scenario planning tools. Let data drive your campaign planning.

Use your own big data for better marketing investments

You already have access to your sales and marketing data. Instead of doing the laborious calculations yourself and use hefty amount of work-time prepping for the analyses, with Sellforte, you can let the tool arrange that data for you in a way you can truly see what's working and what's not.
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