Sellforte® for Telecommunications

Get clarity and granularity for highly complex sales & marketing systems

Complete view on how
your marketing performs

See how media and discounts drive commercial results in each sales channel. Sellforte’s tool provides modeling on item-, media-, store- and day level.
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Best promotions

Discover what kind of products to advertise in each media and sales channel to maximize Marketing ROI

Best media channels

See which channels perform the best in each campaign, and how to allocate media investments throughout the year

Channel-specific ROMI

Media and discounts have radically different effects in each sales channel. Get the tools to analyse each channel separately
“I can recommend Sellforte for any marketer or marketing executive who wants to improve their marketing.”
Sami Särkelä — Digital and Marketing Director at Gigantti

Best promotions

When promotions’ short- and long-term impacts are measured from the receipt sales data, managers are able to understand the total effect when marketing a specific product:

- Review promotions’ long-term impact on CLV
- Show each product's traffic impact for physical and online stores when in promotion
- Find out what kind of deals to promote in each different campaigns & sales channels

Best media channels

Sellforte’s comprehensive analyses combine sales data, marketing activities and external data sources from multiple years, revealing how to optimize media investments in terms of commercial results:

- See what’s the media uplift for each campaign
- Track the long-term sales and margin impact for each media investment
- Synchronize brand campaigns with tactical marketing activities, sales channels and seasonal changes

Channel-specific ROMI

Multiple sales channels from outbound calls to in-store customer service reps and mall stands to website form a complex entity manage and develop. Sellforte’s software shows media and promotions drive sales in different channels:

- Complete breakdown of different sales channels' performance on daily level
- Marketing activities'attribution in each sales channel
- Insights about which campaigns perform well for specific areas and audiences

Benefits by role

Marketing Manager
See how much sales and margin each media investment drives (individual media ROI)
Understand how brand marketing impacts sales over time
Learn which messages perform the best in different channels
Commercial Manager
See how media campaigns affect purchase size & value
Predict how much sales and margin upcoming media and campaign plans will deliver

Head Of Analytics
Understand the correlation between marketing activities and short-term/long-term sales
Reveal the link between media items and media ROI