Sellforte® for Telecommunications

Complete, continuous & cost-effective SaaS for Profit Optimization

World-class Marketing Mix Modeling service with continuous updates

  • See on media group- and media-level how different channels drive sales and margin

  • Results include e.g. cross-sales effects, margin uplift view, long-term impact & sales channel view

  • Daily/weekly/monthly data updated (based on client preferences)

Cross-functional optimization, across all markets

  • Review how different sales and marketing teams peform with same commercial metrics

  • Compare results across different markets & countries

  • Recognize country-specific & international best practices for both short- and long-term profit optimization

Actionable recommendations for new initiatives and their sales & margin potential

  • Suggestions based on customer’s own historical performance and insights

  • Change specific tracking with sales data. How each change is starting to deliver more sales/margin

  • Statistics on realized & potential sales/margin uplift

Industry-specific questions we provide answers for:

Which business units perform the best in different marketing channels?

Which mobile phone models/brands drive the most mobile subscription sales?

How Marketing ROI performance differs between countries?

How offline media channels drive sales and margin to different product categories?

Which campaigns and product categories have the highest ROMI?

How marketing investments drive sales in different sales channels?

  • Retail store, click-and-collect, ecommerce

How online marketing drives traffic to physical stores?

  • And how offline media channels drive ecommerce sales?

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