Sellforte® for Telecommunications

Understanding your profit drivers on a product, channel and even customer level

Collaborate for a bigger impact

Sellforte's strong proprietary technology, team of professionals and exceptional track record provide unique opportunity for media houses and agencies that seek to combine their expertise with Sellforte's tools.
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Unlock insights that refine your marketing strategy

Become leaner, faster and more considered

Understand which campaigns and products perform best

Putting your star promotions to centre-stage

Truly understand where your highest margins are

Adapting a profit-savvy marketing strategy
“I can recommend Sellforte for any marketer or marketing executive who wants to improve their marketing.”
Sami Särkelä — Digital and Marketing Director at Gigantti

Unlock insights that refine your marketing strategy

Telecommunications is a tricky game -- with a market that is characterised by stiff competition, price-sensitivity and sometimes difficult to differentiate brands. Use your most valuable asset (your data) to understand what does and doesn’t work, improving with every step.

Understand which campaigns and products perform best

In an industry with frequent product launches (and, as a result, a more-than-competitive advertising space) it is important to be able to duplicate any success. We show you where the wins are coming from so you can win again (and again and again).

Truly understand where your highest margins are

There is no escaping the bottom line, particularly in the telecom industry where there can be huge differences in margin levels between the different product groups.

For your company to be seen as a business success and not just a marketing one, you need to be profit-focused -- we show you the most efficient media for different product categories and for different sales channels.

Benefits by role

Marketing Manager
See how much sales and margin each media investment drives (individual media ROI)
Understand how brand marketing impacts sales over time
Learn which messages perform the best in different channels
Commercial Manager
See how media campaigns affect purchase size & value
Predict how much sales and margin upcoming media and campaign plans will deliver

Head Of Analytics
Understand the correlation between marketing activities and short-term/long-term sales
Reveal the link between media items and media ROI