Sellforte® for Speciality Retail

Advanced & continuous Marketing Mix Modeling for data-driven retailers

World-class Marketing Mix Modeling service with continuous updates

  • Discoverthe best media mix for each campaign & context (time, season, weather etc.)
  • Find out howoffline media drives sales to webstore & how online media drive store traffic
  • See on a postal code level what are the most profitable areas for leaflet distribution
  • See what are your star promotions, best product categories and discount mechanics
  • Find out what’s driving the results behind the most and least successful promotions
  • Get actionable visualization of day-level base sales, promotion uplif and media uplift

360° view on Promotion Effectiveness and the biggest drivers behind it

Get actionable recommendations for new initiatives and test different scenarios with planning tool

  • Suggestions based on customer’s own historical performance and insights
  • Statistics onrealised & potentialsales/margin uplift
  • Scenario forecasting possibility  for different media mixes
“We have been able to generate incremental sales and marking based on the insights. The tool is widely used not only in marketing, but e.g. in finance too.
For us Sellforte’s tool is not a nice-to-have but a must to-have.”
Satu Tuikkanen, Marketing Manager @ Stockmann
“Sellforte works reliably and they are willing to do the hard work required to make things fluent and automated. They always think about the clients best and collaborate with transparency and shared agenda with us.”
Tomi Keskinen -Director, Customer Experience Business @ ToinenPHD

Industry-specific questions we provide answers to

How much external media, own media and promotions generate sales and profit?

How different marketing campaigns affect the base sales growth over long term?

(e.g. are promotion campaigns increasing or decreasing the overall normal-pricedsales)

How effectively leaflet marketing performs?

  • Which distribution areas provide positive/decent ROMI?

  • What are the most effective delivery days?

  • How to allocate the ad space of leaflets between product categories?

  • How to find the star promotions for the cover pages?

What are the most profitable media channels for each campaign type?

What’s the Return on Marketing Investment for each media channel?

Case Study: Musti Group

How the biggest pet care retailer in the Nordics improved its leaflet promotions with Sellforte

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Musti ja Mirri
“Of course the profitability has gone up, we’re now making 1,4 million more margin on top of the margin growth we had before.”