Sellforte® for Speciality Retail

Stay top of mind with potential customers with smart media investment management

Be the #1 choice for customers, always

Cater to the well-defined wants and needs of your audience with the right campaigns at the right time
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Promotion proficiency

See the effect of discounts on traffic, margins and brand position

Online & Offline channel

Review sales and margin uplift for each media channel on a daily basis, discovering how each channel drives traffic to physical and online stores

External demand drivers

Take into account all major variables affecting commercial results — including seasonality, competitors’ activities & weather data
“Sellforte’s solution enabled us to prove marketing investments’ monetary value in a challenging situation where cost savings within the whole company were needed.

We have been able to generate incremental sales and marking based on the insights. The tool is widely used not only in marketing, but e.g. in finance too.

For us Selforte’stool is not a nice-to-have but a mustto-have.”
Satu Tuikkanen, Marketing Manager @ Stockmann
“The collaboration with Sellforte has been systematic, easy, punctual and rewarding. Sellforte works reliably and they are willing to do the hard work required to make things fluent and automated.

They always think about the clients best and collaborate with transparency and shared agenda with us.

Sellforte’s SaaS tool and user interface is very user friendly and contribute strongly to the client planning and learning from results.

All team members have access to the tool and can see in detail, how their media group is performing compared to others.”
Tomi Keskinen -Director, Customer Experience Business @ ToinenPHD

Promotion proficiency

Customers within the speciality retail sector are always up for a good bargain, but finding the optimal trade-off between higher net sales and lower margin requires careful & comprehensive analysis: 

- Find out which products, product categories and brands are highly margin-positive when promoted
- Predict and test which promotions will help win new customers without decreasing the Customer Lifetime Value for your existing customer base
- Align your tactical operations with brand-building activities

Online & Offline in one clear picture

Although consumers are spending more and more time online, the physical world isn’t going anywhere. To compare (and ultimately optimize) your offline and online mediums, you need metrics that cover both.

- Get channel-specific ROMI reports for both offline & online media on a daily level
- See how different media channels drive traffic to specific stores & online store
- Synchronize media investments with the most effective campaign days

Benefits by role

Marketing Director
Holistic view of the of each media’s performance for incremental sales and margin uplift
Understand the sales value of brand marketing
Recognise which products and marketing messages are best to include in each media type
Commercial Director
See which campaigns and product launches positively affect the sales of the entire product category
Predict sales for the upcoming months when implementing media and campaign plans

Product Group Manager
Clearly see when products cannibalise each other’s sales inside a product group
Know which product categories to promote in order to get the best traffic impact for both online and offline
Musti ja Mirri
“Of course the profitability has gone up, we’re now making 1,4 million more margin on top of the margin growth we had before.”