Sellforte® for Restaurant Chains

Understand the success of your marketing campaigns on a location by location level

Building the perfect media mix for each of your restaurants

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Know the effect of seasonal changes and holidays and use it to your advantage

Create perfectly-timed, effective campaigns

Get to know the effect of your tactical campaigns on both sales and brand image

Understand how recurring campaigns affect you short-term and long-term growth demand rate, allowing you to create campaigns in the future that align with the urgency of your needs

Accurately monitor media & campaign ROI according to location

Track the success of each media channel and campaigns according to geographical effectiveness
“I of course get better business results, for sure, but then on the other hand I’m equally satisfied of the self-development of the team members.”
Susanna Ottila — Director at Stockmann

Know the effect of seasonal changes and holidays and use it to your advantage

There’s always a stomach to be filled but, as any good restauranter knows, some dates in the year are prime for a good marketing campaign. With our analysis and forecasting capabilities, you will know when to over invest (and on what channels), Maximizing each campaign’s commercial impact. Timing can (and should) affect how:

You allocate media investments between different channels based on campaign items, store locations and campaign days. You decide which campaign items support on-site, up-selling and cross-selling activities.

With our software, you get an easy-to-use portal for the use of both top-management and local managers to understand what drives these results.

Comprehensive insights on how marketing affects the brand image

- Attribute sales and margin uplifts for branding campaigns

- Include internal and external data sources such as Google Trends, Social Media posts and restaurant reviews to create comprehensive brand value metrics

- Evaluate the long-term impact of campaigns with intuitive Like-for-like growth dashboard

Benefits by role

Marketing manager
See how much sales and margin each media investment drives (individual media ROI)
Understand how brand marketing impacts sales over time
Learn which messages perform the best in different channels
Commercial manager
See how media campaigns affect purchase size & value
Predict how much sales and margin upcoming media and campaign plans will deliver

Chain manager
See the link between marketing investments and bottom line result
Learn when and where marketing can lever growth