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Data-driven marketing management with continuous ROMI modeling service
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All-in-one mmm

World-class Marketing Mix Modeling service with continuous updates

Media Channels

See how much sales and profit each media channel drives (above and below the line media)

Tactical / Brand

Review how different tactical and brand campaigns drive short- and long-term sales growth

Continuous updates

Get weekly / monthly updated results and assigned Customer Success Manager

holistic view of your marketing

360° view on commercial performance, across all markets

Review and compare

Review different marketing activities’ impact on restaurant-, city- and country-level

Profit optimization

Recognize country- and area-specific best practices for profit optimization

Product categories

Recognize country- and area-specific impact on the total sales of the product category


Improve the communication between franchisees and central operations

test and get feedback

Actionable recommendations and scenarios planning


Suggestions based on customer’s own historical performance and insights

Effect of changes

Change specific tracking with sales data and see how each change is starting to deliver more sales/margin

Sales & uplifts

Statistics on realised & potential sales/margin uplift

every industry has unique needs

Industry-specific questions we provide answers for

How seasonality and holidays affect marketing effectiveness?
What’s the geographical (restaurant-specific) performance in media effectiveness and campaigns?
How recurring campaigns affect brand image and sales growth rate?
Which deals/promotions generate the most incremental sales/profit?
When considering e.g. cross- and upselling & normal-priced meals’ sales cannibalization
Which media items and messages are the best traffic drivers? Which are the best basket builders?
Which media channels deliver the highest ROMI?

Case Study - Kotipizza

“The Sellforte tool gives us informative analysis on how much uplift each media brings to total sales each month. We use this data in making marketing - related decisions and to quantify media’s impact to the management team."
Rainer Lindqvist –Marketing Director, Kotipizza
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Case Study: Kotipizza

How the largest pizza restaurant chain in the Nordics increased its ROMI by +83% with Sellforte

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