Sellforte® for Grocery Retail

 Discover your best traffic-driving & basket-building promotions with Sellforte® for Grocery

The most profitable customers for your business

Discover who your most valuable customers are, where to find them and which promotions bring them your store
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Promotion excellency

Star promotions bring in customers who buy large, profitable baskets. Find out what yours are.

Optimal discount & promotion mechanic

Get the most out of your promotion by using the most (prove) best discount amount & promotion mechanic for each SKU

Leaflet targeting

Postal-code level ROI for addresses you currently deliver to and those you don’t
“I, of course, get better business results for sure, but then, on the other hand, I’m equally satisfied by the self-development of the team members.”
Susanna Ottila — Director at Stockmann Delicatessen

Promotion Excellency

Strategically reducing the price of your products can bring in extra sales but it can also affect the performance of other non-discounted products in your store -- both during and after a campaign. Armed with the right information, however, you can decide when it is right to run a promotion (and how to do it)...

We show you:
- The true incremental sales and margin uplift for each promoted SKU
- The main drivers of both effectiveness and ineffectiveness for each promotion (for example, cannibalization, vendor funding, waste).
- How to allocate ad space to different product categories in order to maximize each advertisement’s ROI.

Optimal discount & promotion mechanic

Would “20% off” or “3 for 2” work better for this SKU? Leave out the guesswork in promotion planning with Sellforte:

- Review how different promotions have performed over time
- Test new promotions with a fast feedback loop.
- Predict an upcoming campaign commercial outcome with high accuracy

Benefits by role

Marketing Director
A holistic view of the of each media’s performance for incremental sales and margin uplift
Understand the sales value of brand marketing
Recognize which products and marketing messages are best to include in each media type
Commercial Director
See which campaigns and product launches positively affect the sales of the entire product category
Predict sales for the upcoming months when implementing media and campaign plans

Product Group Manager
Clearly see when products cannibalize each other’s sales inside a product group
Know which product categories to promote in order to get the best traffic impact for both online and offline

“I of course get better business results, for sure, but then on the other hand I’m equally satisfied of the self-development of the team members. The content of their work is improving.”