Sellforte® for Fast-Moving Consumer Goods

Find the perfect balance between trade marketing & media investments

Drive demand for your products on both your own and external channels

Measure how your media campaigns (be them your own or retailers’) drive the demand for each of your brands
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Insightful brand campaign tracking

Track the performance of each brand campaign, with accurate figures for demand uplift and the clear answers as to the most effective media for each brand

As well as accurate tracking of retailer campaigns

Include your trade promotion and floor priority date when conducting your ROMI analysis and find out which channels are your most profitable

Optimisation of new product launches

Minimise the ramp-up time by synchronising trade marketing investments with your own media investments
“I of course get better business results, for sure, but then on the other hand I’m equally satisfied of the self-development of the team members.”
Susanna Ottila — Director at Stockmann

Brand campaign performance

Discounts and shelf placements can swing sales charts temporarily, especially when a major retailer advertises a specific brand or product. But, as a supplier, you need to know where these swings are coming from:

- Track how each and every brand campaign affects overall and location-specific demand — not only for the promoted product but other products and brands within that category as well
- Review your media performance during a specific campaign (campaign-specific media ROI)
- Predict when and where future brand campaigns will perform the best.

Retailer campaigns

Although consumers are spending more and more time online, the physical world isn’t going anywhere. To compare (and ultimately optimise) your offline and online mediums, you need metrics that cover both:

- Measure how trade promotions drive sales, including margin uplift by each retailer and brand
- Understand how floor position affects the demand for each product
- Include seasonal changes and weather impact in your analysis

Benefits by role

Marketing Director
Holistic view of the of each media’s performance for incremental sales and margin uplift
Understand the sales value of brand marketing
Recognise which products and marketing messages are best to include in each media type
Commercial Director
See which campaigns and product launches positively affect the sales of the entire product category
Predict sales for the upcoming months when implementing media and campaign plans

Product Group Manager
Clearly see when products cannibalise each other’s sales inside a product group
Know which product categories to promote in order to get the best traffic impact for both online and offline