Sellforte® for Fast-Moving Consumer Goods

Complete, continuous & cost-effective Marketing Mix Modeling service

Media channels’ impact on sales and margin

  • See onmedia group-, and media-levelhow different channels drive sales and margin
  • Seebase sales’ and media uplift’sshare of the total sales and margin
  • Optimize your media investments by discovering when and where you get the best ROI
  • Predict product launch’s impact on the total sales of the product category
  • Find out how muchnew product cannibalizesother products’ sales within the category
  • Minimize new products’ ramp-up time with optimal media-mix and trade spend investments

New product launch optimization

Retailer campaigns’ impact on sales and margin

  • See how much sales each retailer campaign drives
  • Analyzebrand-based base salesdevelopment
  • Maximize the ROI for your marketing budget  by finding the optimal balance between own campaigns and trade spend investments
“Together with Sellforte we’ve finally been able to quantify the value our marketing investments. The initial results allowed us to optimize short- and long-term media budget allocation to drive profitable organic growth of our brands.”
Elena Degtyareva, Global Media & E-commerce Director, Cloetta

Industry-specific questions we provide answers for:

What’s the sales uplift for own media investments and trade spend investments?

Which media group and individual media provides the highest ROI?

Where and when trade spend investments drive the most profitable outcome?

Which media investments grow specific retailer’s sales the most efficiently?

How to time own media investments and trade spend investments throughout the year?

How marketing affects each brand’s base sales development in long term?