Finance & Insurance sectors

Application-based Marketing Mix Modeling with continuous updates & full data security
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All-in-one mmm

AI-powered analytics tool for marketing optimization

Results by Channel

See how much applications, contact requests and web traffic each media channel generates

Media Mix

Discover the best media mix for each campaign & context (time, season, customer segment etc.)

Highest score

Compare which channels & campaigns produce the highest scoring loan applications

secure and safe for all parties

MMM service that doesn’t require any sensitive/personal data


Sellforte’s algorithms are specifically developed to utilize unidentifiable sales data

Attribution levels

Attribution can be done on new application, contact request, website traffic level

Lifetime value

Lifetime value estimates for channel-specific applications and their cross-sales potential

every industry has unique needs

Industry-specific questions we provide answers for

How much new applications/contact requests/ website traffic each offline and online media channel generates?
What are the most effective marketing campaigns in terms of:
New applications generated?
High-scoring applications generated?
Customer Lifetime Value generated?
What are the most effective media channels for each campaign?
Will current or alternative media plans reach the campaign objectives?
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