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Learn how to employ a mix of tactical and brand marketing that communicates a superior value proposition exactly at the right time

Insightful but secure leads modeling

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Insightful but secure leads modeling

A data-sensitive approach tailored to the financial industries

Effective brand marketing for a crowded market

Analysis that reveals the long-term lead generation of different brand campaigns

The option to explore product/channel/segment fit

Information that is cut to a level that suits your needs as and when you need it
“I of course get better business results, for sure, but then on the other hand I’m equally satisfied of the self-development of the team members.”
Susanna Ottila — Director at Stockmann

Insightful but secure leads modeling

As the sales transactions are linked with highly personal data about the consumers, Sellforte’s Marketing Mix Modeling for the finance sector takes into consideration the number of leads each activity converts in measuring the marketing ROI. This enables the marketing teams to get concrete results about the marketing performance for different products, channels and locations without requiring any identifiable data for the software to work. The results include

- Lead conversion attribution for the marketing mix (both offline and online activities)
- Campaign-based media ROI measured by the amount of leads (which media-mix provides best results in each campaign)
- Markets’ safest data security protocols, even for the non-personal information analysis

Effective brand marketing for a crowded market

Purchases varying from short-term consumption loans to once in a lifetime -mortgage loans form a market that cannot be convinced with purely tactic marketing campaigns. As the majority of the companies’ product assortments are very similar to each other, consumers make their decisions based on the top-of-mind, previous own & shared experiences with the company and overall feeling of the brand.

Succeeding in delivering the right messages that resonate with the customers has major impact on acquiring new customers, which in turn can be measured by analyzing the long-term lead generation of different brand campaigns. With Sellforte, finance companies can:

- Measure the effectiveness of brand marketing in terms of long-term lead generation
- Monitor how brand-related campaigns resonate with each customer segment
- Find out what are the most efficient channels, months and campaign frequencies in brand marketing

The option to explore product/channel/segment fit

Understanding how different tactical and brand marketing activities have produced new leads in the past enables marketers to predict how future media and campaign plans will reach the targeted audiences.

Including additional external and internal data sources (such as macroeconomic data and lead conversion rates will further improve the accuracy of the model, providing the managers actionable insights into when and where different financial products will have the highest impact in terms of lead generation.

Sellforte’s continuous marketing ROI measurement software helps the marketers to:

- Experiment what’s the optimal marketing-mix for a specific product (e.g. mortgages) and/or customer segment (e.g. recent university graduates)

- Include internal and external data sources to further explain the marketing performance (optional)

-Discover new customer segments based on individuals’ responses to different marketing activities (measured by lead conversions)

Benefits by role

Marketing Director
Holistic ROI-view into each media’s performance in terms of leads
Concrete results for brand marketing (in terms of leads)
Deeper understanding of which products and marketing messages to show in each media
Commercial Director
How leads are generated through different marketing channels
Which customer segments respond to which type of marketing activities
Predictable lead generation for future media and campaign plans
Product Group Manager
See what kind of marketing messages drive each product’s lead conversions
Understand what kind of spillover effects marketing in one category has in other categories