Sellforte Marketing Analytics SaaS for multiple industries

Our advanced analytics software is a global solution and a perfect fit for multiple industries

Marketing Mix Modeling and Promotion Effectiveness specified for your industrys' unique needs

Sellforte® for Grocery Retail

Discover your best traffic-driving & basket-building promotions with Sellforte® for Grocery
GRocery Retail

Sellforte® for Speciality Retail

Achieve and retain strong top-of-mind by smart media investment management
Speciality Retail

Sellforte® for FMCG

Find the perfect balance between trade marketing & media investments

Sellforte® for Restaurant Chains

See how marketing campaigns drive traffic to locations in different regions, at different times
Restaurant Chains

Sellforte® for Telecommunications

Analyze how effectively media and discounts drive sales and margin in different sales channels

Sellforte® for Finance & Insurance

Understand the customer acquisition cost and cross-sales effect in each product group
Finance & Insurance
“I can recommend Sellforte for any marketer or marketing executive who wants to improve their marketing.”
Musti ja Mirri
“Of course the profitability has gone up, we’re now making 1,4 million more margin on top of the margin growth we had before.”
“I of course get better business results, for sure, but then on the other hand I’m equally satisfied of the self-development of the team members. The content of their work is improving.”

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