Marketing Optimization tool for multiple industries

Our advanced analytics software is a global solution and a perfect fit for multiple industries

Marketing Mix Modeling and Promotion Effectiveness specified for your industrys' unique needs

Sellforte® for Grocery Retail

Discover your best traffic-driving & basket-building promotions with Sellforte® for Grocery
GRocery Retail

Sellforte® for Speciality Retail

Achieve and retain strong top-of-mind by smart media investment management
Speciality Retail

Sellforte® for FMCG

Find the perfect balance between trade marketing & media investments

Sellforte® for Restaurant Chains

See how marketing campaigns drive traffic to locations in different regions, at different times
Restaurant Chains

Sellforte® for Telecommunications

Analyze how effectively media and discounts drive sales and margin in different sales channels

Sellforte® for Finance & Insurance

Understand the customer acquisition cost and cross-sales effect in each product group
Finance & Insurance

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