Measure the effectiveness of your marketing efforts

We help our customers extract the full value of their sales, media and promotion data.

Turn your marketing mission into profitable sales

The true effect of both your offline and online media investment on revenue and profit
Accurate and detailed results from promotions, discounts and baskets
The correct product strategy for your business according to different media channels
How to most effectively use leafleting as a marketing tactic (including content and delivery optimisation)
ROMI per sales channels, media channel, campaign etc.
How to discount for the best result

A clear picture of campaigns

Understand how your campaigns drive your profit margin — taking into account uplift, discount, cannibalization, stock-up, vendor funding, basket halo and more

Understand your media mix

Find out how offline and online advertising drives sales and margin

Get the ROI for media investments by both group and channel

Unlock promotion power

Know which products to promote, at what price and with what special offer. The result? Higher traffic, more sales and better margins

Advanced analytics for marketing optimization

Marketing Mix Modelling
Our modeling requires at least 2 years of sales and marketing data in order to provide the most reliable results possible
automated modelling
After the data has been received, Sellforte’s data scientists run an in-depth analysis before sharing the results with our customer success team
Sellforte Web UI
By utilizing machine learning the analyzing process is automated and the results will be updated to Sellforte’s web-UI on weekly basis.

Alternatively, the results can be updated to external software if the client prefers that.

AI and machine learning for actionable insights

AI. In short, that is how we do what we do. Two little letters — allowing us to not only look at everything that’s happened in your marketing efforts so far (yep, even that failed campaign you’d rather forget about) but also accurately forecast the future AND recommend the best way to get you to where you want to be, optimizing your promotions and online/offline media efforts while we’re at it.

The question is, how?

- By analyzing all of your receipt and marketing data
- Adding in external econometric factors (for example, weather data)
- Using advanced machine learning and AI algorithms to make sense of the complex relationships in your masses of data

And turning these into actionable insights for you to use every day. This is all presented in our own Sellforte web-UI, designed to be an interactive tool. No more static powerpoint reports that are going to stay unopened and forgotten about in your inbox.

How does it work?

We believe in the power of the big picture, but we also think you need to know the details — which is why we connect promotions and marketing events to individual SKUs and product groups (as well as looking at performance across the board).

Our AI looks at factors such as discounting, increased store visibility and media, among other things, for each item, using the Bayesian model to eliminate noise and give accurate results. All of this is then learned by the algorithm, remembered and utilised in the future. 

This means you can see not only what is and isn’t working for your store as a whole but also at category and individual product level. More knowledge, more power.

Technology that works hard so you don't have to

Enables agile marketing

Constantly updated results from different marketing activities
24/7 access in the Sellforte Web UI
Stay on top of your game all the time

Strategic and tactical use cases

Reliable & actionable insights only come from on date-, product-, store- and media-level marketing mix modeling
Maximizing the total profitability of different marketing investments

Savings and insights for growth

Big Data ROMI modeling and promotion effectiveness usually gives 20-30 % higher efficiency to marketing investments
Typically new trends or insights are found to grow even faster

Objective & transparent

Our scientific approach to MMM and promotion effectiveness is not related to any other business
True to our vision, we’re always up for discussing how our methodology works