Half Wasted Podcast

“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don't know which half.”

Every marketer has heard this quote by John Wanamaker, but why it is so prevalent to this day when there’s more data, tools and expertise available than ever before?

In our new podcast series Half Wasted we’ll discuss with some of today’s brightest marketing masterminds how they feel about John's quote, what marketing effectiveness requires from the marketer as well as from the companies, and why data isn't utilised in decision making as much as we like to think.

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1- Marketing Mix Modeling 101

In our first episode of Half Wasted we'll discuss with Michael Taylor about how technology has undermined our attempts to understand marketing effectiveness and what drives it, and why so many companies fail to optimize their marketing budget allocation.

Why MMM is so important

When do you need MMM in your business

"It's all about attribution"

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Why most marketers struggle with Marketing Mix Modeling (MMM)? Michael Taylor is a MMM "teacher" that wants to help marketers to get a grasp on how MMM is actually done, what's happening under the hood, and how understanding MMM helps you to survive the upcoming cookie apocalypse.

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2 - Why current way of modeling is problematic and who will do the modeling in the future

What separates the best media agencies from the average ones in the future? Why media agencies might not be the optimal partners for media mix modeling? How both the sellers and buyers need to improve when it comes to acquiring modeling services?

Why it's problematic for Media Agency to do modeling themselves

Shifting the focus from "just doing" Marketing Mix Modeling, to understanding how to make it better

Jon Söderlind from Tre Kronor speaks about the quality and trustworthiness of MMM - Half Wasted

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In this week's episode we'll dive into these topics with Jon Söderlind, the head of Insight & Strategy at Tre Kronor, one of the most renown media agencies in the Nordics.

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3 - The untapped potential of CRM & loyalty data

After working 20 years within the retail industry, Nicola Fox has seen how CRM systems can be harnessed to supercharge marketing teams from small pureplay retailers to large omnichannel mammoths.

Data needs to be democratized in businesses so that everyone can use it

There's still massive gaps in what brands really know about their customers

What brands need to learn about consumers' purchase habits during the past 2 years

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In this episode we'll discuss with Nicola for example following topics:
- How the CRM space has developed over the years, and why we're on a brink of a CRM revolution
- Why so many of today's marketers are hostages to their metrics
- What are the most important drivers in turning CRM into a goldmine

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4 - Marketing Cryptocurrencies: A Brave New World

How to build a successful marketing strategy for a product that's mostly transactional, heavily restricted and still quite new to the public?

The early days of cryptocurrency marketing compared to nowadays

Being creative with Cryptocurrency marketing

Scaling advertising in Cryptocurrency marketing

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In this episode of Half Wasted I'm inviting a (cryptocurrency) marketing mastermind (and a ski instructor) Morgan Scofield to discuss what made him to jump into this world, what kind of learnings he has gathered along the way, and what kind of future cryptocurrencies hold for marketers.

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5 - Demystifying B2B marketing

B2B Marketing is often perceived difficult due to its long sales cycles and big buying committees, but it doesn't have to be difficult.

Don't make marketing harder than it needs to be

The problem with marketing, is that everyone thinks they are marketers

Set your sales targets correctly to have reachable goals

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In this episode a fractional CMO Andy Culligan joins the show to share his 7-step checklist for marketers targeting B2B customers. Andy is famous for his no-bullshit approach to driving revenue, and this episode makes no exception to that.

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6 - Winning In Marketing By Thinking Outside The Box

Our guest speaker today is a marketing superstar Anya Jackson from Thursday, who shares her amazing journey from past months.

Marketing is about so much more than creativity

The difference of going out to do marketing content instead of sitting behind a desk

Do marketing out of the box

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In this episode we'll discuss how to craft marketing campaigns that capture consumers' elusive attention, and how impactful marketing seeks to break the norms instead of abiding to them.

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7 - Life After Cookies

What happens to digital marketing (and marketers in general) now that the consumer data privacy issues are forcing the companies to rethink their targeting methods?

Life after cookies will save advertising industry

Marketing efforts that cannot be measured are not wasted

Why to move beyond event-based, personal data for better marketing

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In this episode I'm inviting Riikka Söderlund, the CMO of Smartly, to share her insights on how the upcoming cookie apocalypse will actually change the game, and how this change might be more for good than we tend to think.

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8 - First Principles of Marketing

What marketing & architecture have in common? In both worlds you need to build your masterpiece on a solid (scientific) foundation, otherwise you're in a world of trouble. These "First Principles" are more often forgotten in marketing, however, which is why many of today's marketing campaigns tend to be shots in the dark, rather than well-thought strategic initiatives.

Evidence-based marketing fundamentals

Why marketers need to understand buyer behavior

The heart of evidence-based marketing

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In the season finale of Half Wasted I'm inviting Evidence-Based Marketing mastermind Wiemer Sneijder to discuss what we can learn from marketing literature, and how the role of marketing research can usher us into the post-cookie era in marketing.