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After submitting the demo form our experts will get in touch to schedule an exploration call.
Intro Call
Every industry, country and company has its unique characteristics. The objective in this phase is to find out what is the best way Sellforte can help Your company.
Custom Demo
Based on the exploration call, we design a customized demo version of the software and go through it with you. After the demo session, you get your very own login credentials to the demo.
Data Review (optional)
If Your business needs are aligned with our offering, we can test with a data sample in how good shape your current sales and marketing datasets are. Client's data can be reviewed during discussions by Sellforte Data Scientist after a NDA is signed.
The cooperation starts with onboarding, in which assigned Customer Success manager and Data Scientist help you in setting things up and getting the most out of the software.
customer testimonials

Why Choose Sellforte

“Together with Sellforte we’ve finally been able to quantify the value our marketing investments. The initial results allowed us to optimize short- and long-term media budget allocation to drive profitable organic growth of our brands.”

Elena Degtyareva
Global Media & E-commerce Director, Cloetta
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“Sellforte helped us a lot to bring transparency tothis question of marketing effectiveness and thediscussion around impact of individual channels and campaigns in larger management team.

Maik Kleinschmidt
Director marketing europe,
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“We have been able to generate incremental sales and margin based on the insights. The tool is widely used not only in marketing, but e.g. in finance too.
For us Sellforte’s tool is not a nice-to-have but a must-to-have.”

Satu Tuikkanen
Marketing Manager, Stockmann
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"Sellforte team has given us very good and comprehensive support starting from onboarding all the way to continuous updates. It has been easy to work with Sellforte and we can rely on getting answers to our questions."

Rainer Lindqvist
Marketing Director, Kotipizza
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