Use Cases for Marketing Directors

Measure online & offline media groups’ ROMI with comparable metrics
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Connect campaigns to profitability

  • See marketing investments in each campaign and how much sales/profit they’ve generated

  • Compare campaign-specific uplifts and ROIs

  • View results on daily/weekly/monthly level

Review online & offline media groups’ ROMI with same metrics

  • See how much money goes to each media group on daily/weekly/monthly level

  • Find the optimal investment level for each media group in each time time period

Find the most effective media channels within media groups

  • Review and compare individual media channels’ effectiveness

  • Sales & Profit ROIs per media channel

See how marketing drives results in different sales channels

  • Compare how marketing campaigns generate sales in different channels (superstores, webstore, home delivery etc.)

  • Allocate marketing investments based on how each channel benefits from them

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Compare country-level results…

  • Get country-specific marketing effectiveness metrics in same currency

  • Analyze which media groups perform the best in each country and why

… or dive into geographical differences in effectiveness within specific country

  • Track the marketing effectiveness in specific regions

  • Analyze which areas provide the best ROMI and why

  • Optimize the media investments based on store locations

Go through media effectiveness over time

  • Compare media investments’ ROIs and uplifts against reference period in time

  • Interpret how the effectiveness has developed over time, and where the trends go in future

Learn how your target audiences respond to marketing

  • Check which media channels and promotions reach each customer segment most effectively

  • Plan targeted marketing campaigns for each segment with unprecedented accuracy and granularity

Track marketing effectiveness in terms of brand KPIs

  • Measure how marketing affects the key brand KPIs, such as Aided awareness, Unaided awareness, Brand consideration & Brand preference

Get continuous updates
& actionable recommendations for next initiatives

  • See how much business impact new initiatives have generated, and how much of the total potential is left

  • Get recommendations on how to maximize the bottom-line results through marketing