Use Cases for Analytics Directors

Switch from prepping the analyses to analyzing the results.
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Always up-to-date results & recommendations...

  • After the onboarding process the results will be updated to the UI on continuous basis

  • Users will have the latest metrics and insights supporting the decision making

…without having to deal with the laborious continuous analyses

  • Client’s data experts will be mostly needed in setting up the data pipelines at the beginning

  • After the onboarding the analytics team’s resources can be utilized in more valuable projects and processes

Focus on interpreting the results instead of prepping and building analyses

  • Invest your team’s time where it’s best spent: connecting the dots and making decisions

  • Never again resort to ad hoc analyses

Export the results and utilize the results elsewhere

  • Use Sellforte’s advanced analytics in other analyses by exporting the data in excel-format

  • Apply your own analyses into cleaned datasets

Utilize all commercial data for more accurate results

  • Leverage your whole marketing and sales database instead of aggregated data points

  • Dive into individual product-, media- and store-level results

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