Use Cases for Category Managers

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Promotion uplift

  • Compare how much of the campaign-driven sales is generated due to promotion vs. media visibility

  • Test & learn which categories and products drive the biggest traffic spikes into stores


  • See how much normal-priced sales the promotion cannibalizes within the product category

  • Recognize which brands have strong consumer loyalty


  • See how the promotion affects post-campaign sales within the product category

  • Leverage different discount mechanics for categories with high stockup effect in promotions

Basket Halo

  • Review promotion effectiveness from total basket value point of view

  • Find the star promotions that attract customers who buy large, profitable baskets

Ad space allocation

  • Distribute ad space in each media channel based on promotions’ past & predicted performance in that media

  • Make sure star promotions get required space in each ad

Product group sales optimization

  • Find the best discount type and level for each promotion

  • Fine-tune your campaigns with well-placed promotions

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