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Fast-moving consumer goods

Measuring the ROMI for company’s own brand marketing activities alongside retailers’ overlapping tactical campaigns, frequent new product launches and cross-category spillover effects requires powerful analytics tools.

Own & purchased media ROI

Staying up to date with multiple channels and their KPIs requires tremendous amount of work that can and should be automated to improve the marketers’ work efficiency. Sellforte’s software provides daily/weekly updated results in one dashboard with possibility to deep-dive into each channel’s statistics.

Own campaigns

Measuring the commercial impact for different brand campaigns is painfully difficult task to do, and many models fail to explain the demand uplifts accordingly. Sellforte’s AI provides not only campaign-specific ROMI, but also a breakdown of the media-mix and the channels’ ROMI.

Retail campaigns

Retailers’ promotions can have substantial impact on short-term sales, which should be taken into account in the model. Including including these uplifts as one of the factors in the analyses helps to understand the link between marketing and short- and long-term sales.

Own & purchased media ROI. The effectiveness of  “always on” -content marketing on own channels and more impulsive brand marketing in external medias can be measured with their distinctive KPIs, visits & engagement being the leading factors for the first and sales uplifts (from warehouse sales data and/or retail sales data) for the latter one. Sellforte’s software compiles all marketing investments into one dashboard, enabling marketers to get a quick overall picture of the marketing performance as well as a possibility to review each channel’s results on more granular level:


  • Clear understanding of how own and external channels perform in terms of engagement & sales
  • Fast & easy tool to review media ROI during specific time period
  • Concrete results for each channel in one place (marketing investments, incremental sales and margin/engagement and visits, ROMI)

Own campaigns. High amount of product categories, new product launches and marketing channels form a challenging combination to measure in terms of sales performance. The analytics will have to take into account both the short-term impacts (excluding e.g. retailers’ activities and weather) as well as the long-term demand growth (including e.g. improved top-of-mind, new customer acquisitions and brand value increases) if the managers want to lead with hard data instead of gut feeling. Sellforte’s software helps FMCG-marketers to:


  • Compare sales and margin ROI between different campaign messages
  • Review media performance during a specific campaign (campaign-specific media ROI)
  • Predict the ramp-up period for a new product launch with specific media plan 

Retail campaigns. Often short and discount-based product promotions can swing the sales charts temporarily, especially when a major retailer advertises specific brands and products. FMCG-companies can leverage these volume uplifts through vendor funding, but the decisions should include data on how the campaigns affect each brand’s base sales growth over time. Having granular analytics of the retail campaigns improves the managers understanding in how the market responds to external marketing campaigns and explains the short-term fluctuations in demand. Sellforte provides FMCG-companies tools for:


  • Attributing the sales impact for different retail campaigns
  • Recognizing does the retail campaigns have long-term impact on the demand (through e.g. increased purchasing frequency and new customer acquisition), or are the uplifts temporary
  • Discovering correlations between own and external marketing activities, and how to synchronize these

Concrete benefits for different roles in company

Marketing director

  • Holistic ROI-view of each media’s performance for incremental sales and margin
  • Understanding the sales value of brand marketing
  • Ability to recognize which products and marketing messages to include in each media

Commercial director

  • See which campaigns and new product launches increase the whole product category sales
  • Predictable sales for upcoming months when implementing media and campaign plan

Product group manager

  • See how products cannibalize each other inside a product group
  • Discover which product categories to promote to get the best traffic impact to online and offline

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