Meet Sellforte

We are a team of scientists, developers and consultants, combining the latest technologies and breakthroughs in data science with years of experience from working with leading retailers of the world.

Our background

We’ve seen and experienced current marketing analytics’ inefficiencies within the retail industry first-handed.

Quarterly, yearly and even less frequent report cycles cannot solve the most profound problems in the long run, while the costs for developing comprehensive in-house marketing analytics system won’t usually fit the marketing budget either.

As a result, marketing insights are purchased as reoccurring projects with expensive price tags, that undermine the insights’ biggest growth potential.

Sellforte was founded to tap into this lost potential.

Our vision

We believe that focusing on what’s truly essential is the key to success.

This is, however, increasingly difficult nowadays as organisations have to deal with endless amount of things that drain energy from the most crucial tasks, dulling the sharpest edge day after day.

That’s why we’ve developed an AI-powered analytics software that helps marketing professionals on every level of the company to concentrate on doing what they’re specialized for, while the algorithms take care of the bulk calculations.

Our mission is to raise the appreciation of marketing as a business driver through analytical approach

Sellforte Team

Juha Nuutinen
CEO, Co-Founder
Former top-tier management consultant with globally leading retail analytics expertise
Dr. Mikko Ervasti
CSO, Co-Founder
Data scientist with complex mathematical modeling expertise
Teppo Luukkonen
CTO, Co-Founder
Versatile expertise in business modeling
Paul Aprikari
+358 41 438 2545
+10 years in media and marketing industry
Kennet Jokisalo
VP, EMEA Sales
+358 440 222 622
Chris Kervinen
Marketing Manager
Inbound + outbound marketing specialist
Valtteri Riihimäki
Business Development Representative
+358 503 474 704
Internationally experienced sales specialist
Tia Delfino
Business Development Representative
+358 451 184 777
Aija Peltola
Digital Marketer
Online, analytics and SEO
Tuomas Matilainen
Customer Success Director
Retail and marketing analytics professional with experience of working at a top retailer and media agency
Katarzyna Wierzchowiecka
Customer Success Manager
Project management and strategy expert
Antti Heliste
Customer Success Manager
Anna Valtonen
Customer Success Manager
Ville Vierimaa
Senior Data Engineer
Physicist with savvy data science and data engineering expertise
Paavo Niskala
Lead Developer
Background in computational plasma physics in nuclear fusion applications
Dr. Hannu Laine
Senior Data Scientist
Expert in Bayesian modeling and causal inference
Leevi Lindgren
Data Scientist
Álvaro Orgaz Expósito
Data Scientist
Ella Tamir
Data Scientist
Lauri Seppäläinen
Junior Data Scientist
Jeroen Bosch
Software Developer
Joonas Nurmi
Junior Software Developer
Zhongyuan Jin
Junior Software Developer

Our advisors

Ismo Ojanen
Senior Advisor
Global Marketing Sourcing Director/Consultant with 20+year management and leadership experience
Jonas Stjernberg
Senior Advisor
Seasoned retail executive and strategy professional
Olli-Pekka Mattila
Business development and financial expert
Petteri Räty
System architect and SaaS expert with broad entrepreneurial background


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