Sellforte Case Studies: Tokmanni

Discount retail

How Finland’s largest discount store improved the performance of their marketing leaflet strategy

Tokmanni is the largest discount brand in Finland with almost 200 physical stores and an active webshop. It sells a comprehensive variety of local and international brands at reasonable prices. In 2018 it had a turnover of €870 million.

With a business driven so strongly by price and promotion, it’s important for Tokmanni to get the word out about the latest deals -- to do so they do weekly leaflets drops (as their primary media channel, supported by TV, print, radion and online ads). However, they knew it was important that they were not only doing it but doing it well...

The aim:

  • Get a better understanding of which products and product groups performed well in the leaflet
  • Show which star promotions should be on the front and back pages 
  • Discover how to optimize ad space and its allocation

The solution: 

We provided an easy-to-use web-UI that shows how each leaflet had performed. It allowed them to see publishing date, number of pages, media investment, revenue, profit and media ROI.

Full case study coming soon!

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