Sellforte Case Studies: Stockmann Delicatessen

Grocery retail

How the top premium grocery chain improved its Promotion Effectiveness with Sellforte

Stockmann Delicatessen is the leading premium grocery chain in Finland and The Baltics, operating within six Stockmann department stores. It provides first-class service and a unique, broad and high-quality selection of foods and beverages.

Their challenge was two-fold, first all to better analyse their marketing activities and then to use this information to fine-tune their marketing strategy and create more effective promotions — all the while driving an increase in ROI across the board.

Previously, marketing performance analysis and promotion planning and reporting had been labour-intensive and lacked analytical support.

We solved that with the automated tackling of these key questions
(and many others):

  • How many customers visits could be attributed to each media type?
  • What was the optimal marketing mix and investment level by media type? 
  • What were the best performing promotions? 
  • What was the true sales and margin uplift for each promotion?
  • What were the best and worst-performing promotions in each category, campaign type and store?

The Sellforte software identified a potential promotion ROI uplift of 5% and our marketing analysis pinpointed those activities that would deliver it.

“I, of course, get better business results, for sure, but then, on the other hand, I’m equally satisfied with the self-development of the team members. The content of their work is improving.” Susanna Ottila, Director at Stockmann Delicatessen

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