Sellforte Case Studies: Finlayson

Textile, Fashion

How the iconic textile company discovered new growth opportunities with Sellforte’s Marketing Effectiveness Platform

Finlayson is a Finnish textile manufacturer whose history spans more than 200 years. The company strives to produce beautiful things by designing high-quality products while being both ethical & ecological. 

Finlayson wanted to make sure its marketing activities were performing efficiently. To ensure this, Finlayson decided to integrate Sellforte’s solution into its marketing planning process.

With help from Sellforte, Finlayson is better able to understand how total sales is split between base sales, discount-driven sales and media-driven sales – and how these evolve through time.

As marketing is getting more and more data-driven, it’s crucial for us to be able to measure our marketing investments on ongoing basis. We can now test new activities and get feedback about their effectiveness. Sellforte’s solution suits great to our fast-paced business."
- Maiju Lauren, Chief brand and design officer, Finlayson

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