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Furniture & home retail

How one of the biggest furniture retailers in Finland improved its marketing effectiveness by optimizing their leaflet distribution strategy 

Jysk is a globally known furniture retail chain, selling ‘everything for the home’. It has 2,800 stores in 52 countries worldwide and in 2018 their turnover was €3.58 billion.

But with an operation this big it wasn’t often that Jysk was able to get a deep-dive on what was and wasn’t working in the marketing mix and optimize it appropriately. With an active leafleting strategy, they decided to start there -- the aim was to understand whether distribution date and amount affected sales and margin growth rate, as well as how changes to their strategy might affect them in the long and short term.

We took sales and receipt data from the past xx in order to reveal like-for-like comparisons and margin graphs for that period. We then created an interactive postal code heatmap showing all of the areas that they had distributed to, colored coded by sales ROI.

As intended, the analysis revealed how changes in day of distribution affected the daily sales giving them a clear strategy for future drops.

Full case Study coming soon!

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