Sellforte Case Studies: Elkjøp


How the largest electronics retailer in the Nordic countries discovers new growth opportunities with Sellforte’s Marketing Effectiveness Platform

Elkjøp Nordic is the largest electronics retailer in the Nordic countries, with retail established in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland, in addition to franchise operations on Greenland, Iceland and the Faroe Islands.

Elkjøp leverages both online and offline media channels in its marketing. The company wanted to find out how each channel delivers results, and how to optimize the media mix for different seasons within different countries. Getting ongoing results and insights is considered fundamental in electronics retail.

“We’ve been very happy with Sellforte as our marketing mix modelling platform. We have very diverse media mix consisting of multiple offline and online media channels. Understanding the effect of these channels and act based on this understanding is crucial to our marketing.”

- Gabrielle Denise Juell, Senior Media Specialist Team Lead

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