Sellforte Case Studies: Kotipizza

Casual Fast Food

How the largest pizza restaurant chain in the Nordics increased its ROMI by +83% with Sellforte

Kotipizza is one the most well-known restaurant brands in Finland with approximately 280 restaurants across the country. Over 99% of the restaurants are operated by independent franchisees, who get to leverage Kotipizza’s strong brand and profitable business concept.

Kotipizza was already doing data-driven marketing with decent one-off media mix modeling projects, but for the best, good wasn’t enough. Kotipizza wanted more granular insights about the marketing effectiveness of individual channels and activities, as well as to move from one-off projects to continuous analysis.

“Monthly Sellforte meetings are a great opportunity for our different functions to sit down at the same table and concentrate on discussing current topics. Sellforte analysis gives us new perspectives on how efficiently we are doing things and insights on what we could do differently.”

By utilizing Sellforte’s advanced Marketing Mix Modelling software, Kotipizza gained new insights about e.g. the value of brand marketing in terms of sales and margin, how to allocate its media investments more profitably, and what’s the impact of extraordinary situations, such as tax return changes in November 2019 and COVID-19 in March 2020 on media efficiency and sales. The successful cooperation is planned to expand to forecasting capabilities in the near future.

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