Sellforte Case Studies: C&A


How one of the biggest fashion retail chains in Europe built competitive advantage by integrating Sellforte’s solution to its campaign & marketing planning process

Founded in 1841, C&A is one of Europe’s leading fashion retailers, with nearly 1,400 stores in 18 European countries. C&A offers high-quality, long-lasting clothes for the whole family at affordable prices.

C&A has a strong presence in both online and offline channels. Recent years have, however, highlighted the need to constantly review the channel & campaign effectiveness and ROI

C&A wants to improve the effectiveness of marketing and promotions by measuring them on a continuous basis.

“I introduced the Sellforte tool at C&A, because I was looking for a tool providing actionable insights on a continuous base. Every day we get various business questions. This tool allows you to do your own custom-made analytics, to get the insights you really need and not just a standard report provided once or twice a year.
The user interface is easy to use and pretty intuitive for my team to work with, thanks to the great collaboration with the Sellforte colleagues. Next to the measuring marketing effectiveness, we are also using the tool to measure the impact of our promotional activity. As we continue our partnership, I look forward to seeing the value from this powerful tool accelerate. ”
- Gina De Ryck, Head of Consumer Insights and Analytics at C&A
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