Sellforte Case Studies: Benecol


Building an effective testing & learning loop for marketing with continuous marketing mix modeling platform


Benecol® was interested in determining its marketing activities’ ROI in UK on ongoing basis that would enable agile data-driven decision making from different perspectives: Across media channels, trade marketing activities, retailers and product categories.


Sellforte’s solution revealed what are the most and least profitable marketing channels, enabling Benecol® to take actions and improve its overall marketing ROI by +26%, already during the first 4 months of the cooperation.

“Working with Sellforte’s team and their topnotch data scientists have been a pleasure. The credible numeric results from Sellforte modelling and the easy- to-understand tool have made it easier for me and my team to find efficiencies with our trade investment by making them work harder & deliver an improved ROI.”


-Amit Mukherjee, Sales Director UK for Benecol, Raisio

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