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Case Stockmann Delicatessen

Case Stockmann Delicatessen: How the top premium grocery chain improved its Promotion Effectiveness with Sellforte

Industry: Grocery Retail

Marketing Case Study
Download Stockmann Delicatessen Marketing Analytics case study

Promotions Case Study
Download Stockmann Delicatessen Promotion Effectiveness case study

Case Musti ja Mirri

Case Musti ja Mirri: How the biggest pet specialty chain in Finland improved leaflet promotions with Sellforte

Industry: Specialty Retail

Leaflet Optimisation Case Study
Download Musti Leaflet Optimisation case study

Case Stockmann

Case Stockmann: How one of the most prestigious fashion retailers in Nordics reorganised its media ROI with Sellforte

Industry: Fashion, Home & Beauty Retail


Case Jysk: How the global Furniture and Home Decoration retailer optimised its campaign timing, length and leaflet publication areas in Finland

Industry: Furniture and Home Decoration

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Client Success Stories

Conversation with Sami Särkelä

Sami Särkelä
Digital and Marketing Director at Gigantti

“I can recommend Sellforte for any marketer or marketing executive who wants to improve their marketing.”

Conversation with Annika Lundström

Annika Lundström
Head of Category and Sourcing at Musti ja Mirri

“Of course the profitability has gone up, we’re now making 1,4 million more margin on top of the margin growth we had before.”

Conversation with Susanna Ottila

Susanna Ottila
Director at Stockmann Delicatessen

“I of course get better business results, for sure, but then on the other hand I’m equally satisfied of the self-development of the team members. The content of their work is improving.”

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