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Client Success Stories

How our customers have benefited from our software


Case Gigantti

How the leading Nordic home electronics retailer measured the effectiveness of its TV marketing and the spillover effects it has on SEM with Sellforte

Industry: Home electronics retail


Conversation with Sami Särkelä

Sami Särkelä
Digital and Marketing Director at Gigantti


“I can recommend Sellforte for any marketer or marketing executive who wants to improve their marketing.”

Case Study Highlights:

⇒ Study was based on exceptionally accurate data

⇒ TV had the best Total ROI

⇒ SEM was the most effective media

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Case Musti Group

How the biggest pet care retailer in the Nordics improved its leaflet promotions with Sellforte

Industry: Specialty retail

Conversation with Annika Lundström

Annika Lundström
Head of Category and Sourcing at Musti ja Mirri

“Of course the profitability has gone up, we’re now making 1,4 million more margin on top of the margin growth we had before.”

Case Study Highlights:

⇒ Measured Musti's currents & historical leaflet ROI

⇒ Discovered leading drivers for leaflet ROI

⇒ Found new high-potential postal codes for leaflet distribution

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Case Tokmanni

How the biggest discounter in Finland improved its leaflet performance with Sellforte

Industry: Discount retail

About Tokmanni

Tokmanni's promotion-driven campaigns and price-oriented value proposition provided potential premises for advanced marketing analysis and optimization. At the same time having weekly updated results in easy-to-use web-UI helps Tokmanni to build its already strong brand.

Case Study Highlights:

⇒ Analyzed which promotions have better impact than others

⇒ Revealed leading factors behind promotion effectiveness

⇒ Optimized ad space allocation & leaflet size


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Case Jysk

How global furniture retail chain improved its marketing effectiveness by optimizing leaflet distribution strategy with Sellforte

Industry: Furniture & home retail

About Jysk

As the local furniture market has been highly price-driven for a while now, Jysk wanted to find new ways to attract customers to the stores. Deep dive into sales data revealed the leading drivers behind Jysk's most important marketing channels, and how to improve their performance.

Case Study Highlights:

⇒ Measured leaflet campaigns' sales and margin impact

⇒ Analysis revealed which postal code areas perfomed well

⇒ Changes led to +700k€ savings without sales growth decrease


Case Study coming soon!



Case Stockmann

How one of the most prestigious fashion retailer in the Nordics streamlined its marketing operations with Sellforte’s ROMI modeling tool

Industry: Fashion, home & beauty retail

About Stockmann

Stockmann has one of the most prestigious brands in Finland. Recent years have been, however, tough for the company, and it needed thorough analysis of which parts of its marketing are working, and which should be discarded. Stockmann's own sales data helped to solve the challenge.

Case Study Highlights:

⇒ Quantified performance of each media type and channel

⇒Defined best campaigns, seasons and weeks based on ROMI

⇒ Found the right investment level for each quarter and year


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Case Stockmann Delicatessen

How the top premium grocery chain improved its Promotion Effectiveness with Sellforte

Industry: Grocery retail

Conversation with Susanna Ottila

Susanna Ottila
Director at Stockmann Delicatessen

“I of course get better business results, for sure, but then on the other hand I’m equally satisfied of the self-development of the team members. The content of their work is improving.”

Case Study Highlights:

⇒  Identified +50% points improvement potential in marketing ROI

⇒ Started measurement on ad and week level

⇒ Optimized ad space allocation & leaflet size


Case Study:
Promotion Effectiveness

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Case Study:
Marketing Analytics

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