Sellforte Careers

"Alone you will go fast but together you will go far."

Why to work at Sellforte

  • Be surrounded with passionate and highly talented people

  • Be an important part of the development of the company on your behalf and know that your work matters

  • Be a part of a team, learn and grow in your individual career path

"As a person from the Netherlands, working at Sellforte feels like a breath of fresh air."

To me it seems Sellforte found a golden formula that mixes a relaxed and flexible attitude towards work, with a passion for delivering the best possible product to interesting customers.

This, plus a very transparent and flat hierarchy, is something I have not found at another company before."

Jeroen Bosch
Software Developer

Open positions

Want to create and develop innovative ideas that shape industries globally? Great! Because so do we.

We know that current methods and systems are insufficient. That’s why we want help companies across the globe to abandon outdated methods and embrace new possibilities. We are growing fast and looking for people to join us in building a global success story!

Currently we are looking for:
Sales Development Representatives
Espoo / Full-time. Multiple languages and positions!
As part of our internationalization plan, we are now looking for more Sales Development Representatives to join our team. This is a very critical function for our international growth and the work that you do as our Sales Development Representative is extremely valuable. This is a perfect role for someone who wants to become an expert in SaaS sales and aims for an international career in business development.

We have multiple positions open, see all and apply from
Apply Lead Developer
Data Scientist
Espoo / Full-time
As a Data Scientist at Sellforte you will be a member of a strong and ambitious team with several PhD's and other specialists.

You will develop leading edge science for advanced retail analytics and work closely with customers’ data to develop new insights and algorithms, implement machine learning models, predictive analytics such as time series forecasting, and Bayesian models to infer causal impacts.
Apply Data Scientist
Customer Data Scientist
Espoo / Full-time
As a Customer Data Scientist you will help onboarding new customers to our marketing analytics service/platform, do exploratory data analysis with customer data (using Python and e.g. pandas, matplotlib, seaborn) to solve customer-specific issues and business problems, also helping to develop new insights and features to the software

You will also Collaborate with other data scientists to implement and train machine learning models, predictive analytics such as time series forecasting, and Bayesian models to infer causal impacts.
Apply Customer Data Scientist

"As a mathematician working at Sellforte, I can apply my theoretical knowledge to practical problems"

"What I like about working at Sellforte is the versatility of my tasks: I can develop software and apply it to customer cases.

I enjoy working with our Data Science team especially when we collaborate on new model development, since that is my favourite part of being a Data Scientist." 

Ella Tamir
Data Scientist

Trainee positions

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"Sellforte offers some of the best trainee positions in Finland for students from all around the world aspiring to become Data Scientists."

"I spent my summer working as a trainee here in our Otaniemi office. Despite me just finishing my second year of university studies I got to do plenty of serious work with our customers and product development.  

The environment here is very student friendly. It’s no wonder why so many continue working at Sellforte after the internship is over."

Leevi Rönty, Junior Data Scientist